Top 10 International Trade Gateways: 2019

by value of shipments
Port '18-'19
Laredo, TX -0.6%
New York, NY -3.2%
Los Angeles, CA -8.1%
New York JFK Airport, NY -4.2%
Chicago, IL 4.1%
Long Beach, CA -12.3%
Houston, TX -1.2%
Detroit, MI -1.0%
Los Angeles Airport, CA -2.2%
Savannah, GA 4.3%
= airport,
= land port,
= water port


Air gateways include a low level (generally less than 3% of the total value) of freight shipped through small user-fee airports located in the same area as the gateways listed. Air gateways not identified by airport name (e.g., Chicago, IL) include major airport(s) in the area and small regional airports.


As cited in U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, National Transportation Statistics, table 1-51, available at

Last Updated: November 2020